Sunday, October 9, 2011

Why People Really Fear Public Speaking

An entire industry has developed around the simple skills of public speaking. Studies have shown that public speaking is more feared than death, like most Americans. Of course, the greatest fear of public speaking being to death, would be to combine the worst of all evils. Why are most Americans so afraid of public speaking?

The first memories of fear of public speaking the way back to early memories of school, and, above all, speak in public at school. I think that many of the fears of public speaking the way back to this scenario. I remember that the class is required to stand and say, from memory, the poetry of Chaucer. I was terrified, I do not remember, and after watching a classmate classmate forgot the poem, surrounded and stopped the laughter of his companions. When I think of classmates, I wonder how public speaking, because of this memory, of touching them in adult life. This event was to do all the horrible fear of public speaking?

I hope that this case was unusual, but I heard it over and over again when I ask students when they developed a fear of speaking. It 's my theory that many of the fear of public speaking is actually the fear of the outside. Thus, my courses in public speaking, try to remove all from outside. I teach that the speakers in real life, no one remembers anything. Are you ready to talk about the text or at least a footnote pointing. I noticed that when I remove the memory techniques to the curriculum in public speaking, speakers loosen and concentrate the energy in more positive than negative fear of delivery. For me, storage is the cause of anxiety of public speaking. That's why I remove it completely from the life of the speaker, so they are happier and more efficient.

What looks rigid reading from a prepared text? Not if you practice and learn the proper techniques of contact with eyes. Of course, a more natural look, without looking at your notes, but to sacrifice their health and happiness. In addition, eliminates the tension off the cuff naturalness. Ultimately, it is much better and more successful, with no memory of part of his job for speaking in public.

Think of your first public speaking difficult. Do you include in your memory? I thought so.

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