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7 Top Ways to Conquer Your Public Speaking Fear

Congratulations on making a big decision and reading the article. Whether you are attending a business networking luncheon, speaking to a group of students in Sunday school or to attend a meeting of a company, you are speaking in public. This is something we do every day. Most of us have never had a bit of public speaking training. We can either sink or swim. And when it comes to public speaking most of us run.

I am amazed that our society is expected to be great speakers without training in school. We can only hope that we do not fool ourselves. And believe me, I know from personal experience. I lived through the humiliation. I spent laughs. I can feel your pain or discomfort. If I win the challenge, you can too.

I wish I could say it was a magic pill. It is not. Remember, I did not say "Top Easy Ways." Because there is no quick fix, which I will share with you may seem awkward at first. I promise it will. It's like pulling a band together. You must take the first step. Public speaking is exactly the same. You must commit to taking the first step and the application of the 7 best ways to overcome fear of public speaking. If you do this, you may realize you really can overcome your fear. Many of my clients have conquered fear. I know that you too can

Top Way # 1: Make is totally okay to be nervous.

Can you remember when you first tried to ride, drive or use a computer?

You still get nervous?

He first had to learn to do it. Then you should do a couple of "hopefully" minor errors. And now you're so quiet that it almost seems easy. Public speaking is exactly the same. When you commit to learning the art of speaking in public and remain open to move beyond their comfort zones, I promise you that it is easier.

I have a secret to tell you. I always get butterflies in my stomach. Want to know why this is happening to me? I want my audience to know that I put my whole heart and soul into my speech and my message. I want to be my best to my audience. Accordingly, I have some nervous energy before speaking. But I follow these principles I share with you very. So I'm channeling the nervous energy in a dynamic presentation, powerful and fun with tons of heart. If I can do it, you can too.

Top Way # 2: Burning Desire

You have a real passion for what you're saying?

You have a strong commitment to life-changing, you will do something to overcome your fears?

I had to contact my burning desire too. As I started to get in touch with my true passion to empower others through public speaking, I rushed to a speaking subject. I chose to talk about the organization and de-clutter homes and offices. It was something that over time I felt really good. It was obvious that many people need my help.

I started talking to groups and organizations to let go of the clutter and get organized. I did everything I thought I should do. I tried to convince my audience that I was keen organization. The audience always knows when the heart is not really the issue. It 'something that can not be falsified. As a result, no matter how hard I tried to put a big smile, which organizes the event to talk about it seemed a chore. My sense of the public, too.

When you do not feel the passion for his subject, a thousand times more difficult to create and deliver a powerful presentation. In case you still do not understand, I love teaching the art of public speaking today. It's something I'm very passionate. Remember, you can not fake a burning desire. You know when you're pretending, and whether the public. As a result of public speaking may seem like a big success for escape. The next time you have to do a presentation, be creative and incorporate what he likes to talk and relate to your topic. Search the blessing of many taking place thereafter.

Top Way # 3: If you can see, you can do

Are you focused on a negative result?

Are you worried that you'll make a fool of yourself?

One of the most important key to become a confident and powerful speaker is viewing. Many speakers sabotage with new negative self talk before it even begins. You have to manage your negative self talk, or it controls you. When you expect the worst, the worst thing that happens often. The next time you're ready to make a presentation to a group, spend a few minutes each day to see yourself as the great success that you know you deserve to be. All you have to do is close your eyes and see you make a confident and successful presentation. If you agree to do so, you will reap great rewards.

Top Way # 4: Relaxation is as easy as One, Two, Three

Want to take to the air?

Are you breathing?

At some point, everyone including the speakers of the most experienced feel a kind of nervousness and anxiety. Most speakers have become so accustomed to breathe shallow breaths, especially when they feel nervous, uncomfortable or rushed. Shallow breathing will certainly improve a speaker-level anxiety. As I learned from my personal experience, it can also lead to a greater degree in unpleasant speaker's voice.

The opposite type of breathing, deep abdominal breathing, is a dramatic and instantaneous positive effect on relaxing the body, speech and mind. The best speakers know that one of the easiest ways to relax is to learn to breathe correctly. Deep breathing is a quick and easy way to get our bodies and minds relax.

I discovered this simple solution to breathe more easily. Always have a jar of room temperature water on hand when you speak. I know some of you think, "Yuck. Water at room temperature." Listen. Temperature of water not only leaves room to moisten the palate, but also relaxes the vocal cords and muscles. Finally, water temperature, it is easier for you to breathe.

Top Way # 5: The public really wants to be successful

Do you think your audience wants you to fail?

Or do you believe that the public wants you to be beautiful?

Statistics have shown that public speaking is the first concern people have. In the eyes of your audience, you're a star, because you're ready to overcome your fears, when most of them can not even set foot on stage. You are a winner already, because you are willing to act, learn and grow. Always remember, your audience needs it.

One of the most effective ways to reach, move and communicate with your audience to know who your audience in advance and know why they choose to listen to you talk. So many times people ask so nervous that their audience thinks of them. Instead, a much more productive is to think about why your audience needs your information and what difference it will make in their lives.

Top Way # 6: Get Physical time

Do you know how to use your body to decrease your nerves?

Are they open to get physical?

When you're preparing a presentation, think of a fun way to incorporate physical movement or a prop to help reinforce the message. If you can not include in this the first few seconds of your presentation, your nerves is greatly reduced just doing something physical at the beginning of the presentation.

Over the years, I learned to be very creative with accessories, everything from hats, Lego, blocks and even peanut butter cups Reese. I used just about everything I could find that could help me improve my presentation and the public's ability to learn. Props are essential for a good presentation, because they serve as visual support is very important. You give your audience what they need, because most members of your audience are probably visual. Props are a great way to keep them entertained and help you overcome your fears. Be creative. You can use props so many imaginative ways.

Top Way # 7: Calculate the P 3 is

Have you ever tried to form a representation as you go for a long time?

You stumble and bumble over their own words?

Please learn from my operation Oops. I practiced my personal presentation, which is also known as the elevator speech over and over again. I know that it is attention grabbing and effective deployment, that gets results. However, one day I decided to give my intro at the meeting of the network. I had a minute of conversation, and I bumbled and stumbled over my words. I felt terrible about it. I left that meeting pledged not to do it again. I am committed to what works. My 3 P's solution is very simple. Are they ready? Here it is. 3 P solution is to practice, practice, practice. I am surprised that so many people forget to do so. Commit to you today that you are going to practice. If you take this simple principle and apply it always contains big rewards.

Top Way Bonus # 8: You must Tell'em

Want more?

Like bonus suggestions?

I know I do! When ready to prepare a presentation or to create a personal presentation that burns, consider this simple and easy format for all submissions to Tell 'Em format

Tell them what you are going to say 'em


Tell them what you told 'em "

Start today and commit to following the "seven ways to overcome fear of public speaking Hauts." You can reach their true potential and improve their ability to communicate both in a group or one by one. essential to their success is their desire for change, a vision for your life and dreams you want to convert into reality. Being proactive about your future, your success and happiness is priceless insured. It n "will never be better time than now to start your success and create an incredible future.

You can know everything about a subject, even your own business, but if you are unable to communicate effectively to your potential customers, you can never have created a success you want. For most of us, is the first step in overcoming our fear of public speaking. Congratulations on being proactive about your life. All great communicators are willing to learn and grow so they can master the art of public speaking.

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