Tuesday, October 11, 2011

How to Overcome and Conquer the Fear of the Public Speaking Phobia

Overcoming a phobia of public speaking: useful techniques for how to overcome and to overcome fear of public speaking.

Do you realize that people have a tendency to criticize the fear of public speaking than death? Ironically, this means that more and more people want to be in the coffin than giving the eulogy at the funeral.

Why are people afraid of public speaking

Glossophobia or speech anxiety is the fear of public speaking, and many people have been known to live at least once in their lives.

According to various surveys, and global statistics, the fear of public speaking occupies the first places among the top ten fears, overcoming fear of spiders, fear of flying, fear of heights, and often the fear of death itself.

Public speaking fears usually begins as an increase in heart rate of the speaker and dry mouth. In extreme cases, panic, nausea, headaches and even anxiety attacks experienced by the speaker before the speech begins.

When the speech begins, the heart starts beating faster, and the speaker will begin to hear your voice trembles. The speaker begins to contract and start talking fast. In extreme cases, even the legs and the body begins to tremble visibly.

It is a spiritual side, negative thoughts can begin to look stupid cloud of the speaker's mind and the mind may go blank, because of their overwhelming fear.

Even after a speech is over, the dominant thoughts of being embarrassed and looking foolish occupy the mind of the speaker.

It is not surprising that most people would do anything to avoid such an experience.

How can we overcome such powerful fear?

5 simple techniques to overcome the fear of Public Speaking Phobia

There are several techniques for overcoming fear of public speaking, and here are some useful ways to help you conquer public speaking phobia and anxiety.

1) Streamline the fear

People are generally afraid to speak publicly out of fear and sound foolish in public. This fear is an innate emotional response to a threat and is a natural reaction of basic and human.

The only way to combat fear is to train the mind to realize that fear is normal and that everyone is facing this fear to some degree.

The common misconception about the great orators are born with a natural gift for public speaking and are not afraid of public speaking, which is totally false.

Excellent public speakers are people who are mentally prepared to accept this fear and use it to transport himself an extraordinary heights.

2) prepare

The best way to gain confidence in conquering stage fright is to prepare thoroughly for a speech. Knowing that his subject is the key to winning trust.

Good communication begins with understanding the audience. For example, if your audience is mostly primary school children are advised to keep your sentences short and simple in your language.

3) Practice makes perfect

Before speaking to a wide audience, from practice before a mirror. Once the first "stupid" is exceeded, try practicing in front of your best friend or a small group of close friends and family.

Having a friendly crowd to support the speaker will definitely help to boost self-esteem.

4) Inhale, exhale

Remember to stay calm is important in giving a speech. Give yourself three breaths to relax your body and your mind count to 10 before the speech.

Note that measured about slow breathing when he speaks. This will calm your nerves by providing more oxygen to your brain and is also working to get the audience to follow his line of thought.

5) find a reason to Just Do It ... Again and again

Outstanding public speakers are not good to give a speech. They understand that trust is giving many speeches.

Volunteer to make a presentation at your company or join a local Toastmasters club will give you the opportunity to practice public speaking. Find an instructor for advice and push you to improve yourself when you speak.

Only the constant lessons are going to overcome the fear of public speaking and the time and practice, it only gets easier.

"You can have brilliant ideas, but unless we go through, your ideas, no nothing."

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