Thursday, October 13, 2011

Fear of Public Speaking: How To Get Over It

Fear of public speaking is something that many people suffer through during his career. Some people try to avoid public speaking at all costs, but sometimes it is not possible, especially if part of their work.

In addition, there is no reason to avoid talking publicly because he really does not need to be something that is scary. It can be quite fun.

And it is good, it can help your career, too.

I can not imagine a better way to reach their career of someone who can stand in front of friends and leaders, and speak in an intelligent and reliable.

An employee who can get attention and for good reason.

Let's focus on the fear of public speaking in a work environment and more specifically how you can become a safe and effective speaker.

That's how I went from being someone who needs to read cue cards word for word, to speak in public to someone who can speak comfortably in front of a group with little or no notes (and likes to do!)

1. I stopped trying to memorize everything.

Instead, I learned the material covered and I became less dependent on notes. I stopped writing speeches and presentations word for word and try to remember and began using short bulleted statements, which only lists the main points and just verbally expand on each point, when I 'I looked at my notes.

By not having to memorize everything, I have eliminated the possibility that I forgot something.

2. I stopped worrying about speaking in public.

I used to worry a lot about public speaking. When I was a kid I used to worry about the annual competition for poetry in my school had, where we each had to memorize a poem and recite it in front of our class. Here is an example of where I would remember my "presentation". I stopped pretending to recite a poem in front of my class was at the end of the world and decided to have fun with it. Twice I got to compete in front of the school after winning my class competition.

Moral of the story?

Do not create a stressful situation for any reason. It is normal to feel anxious, but not to a "do or die" situation when it is not.

3. I let my personality come out.

Whenever possible, I want to add a little humor when speaking publicly (within reason of course), and always try his enthusiasm. I just try to deliver my presentation, as if talking with friends in a social setting.

In other words, just trying to act normally and convince me that this is not a big deal. Because it is not.

Fourth I started to enjoy public speaking!

When I started to feel more comfortable speaking in public, I started to enjoy. I also noticed that when I was in school, I like the best presentation I've done. My fear of public speaking disappeared.

When working in the world, I waited for the opportunity to speak in public and got more and more opportunities to do so. If you decide that you hate, of course, you're afraid of public speaking.

In addition, I began to have opportunities to present to my manager frames and soon I found myself on a first name basis with the same leaders who did not know who I was.

In my experience, the first step to conquer fear of public speaking is to relax.

Then start learning your equipment rather than remember, or feel that you have to write word for word scripts on everything you want to say.

Look for opportunities to offer to speak publicly about things that you like so that when it comes time to present something of necessity (ie work-related presentations), which already has some experience under your belt.

Public speaking is difficult, but hope instead of fear that goes a long way to become better and better.

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