Saturday, October 15, 2011

Public Speaking - A Greater Fear Than Death?

Public speaking is the process of talking with a group of people in a structured, deliberate intention to inform, influence and entertain listeners. It is certainly an important asset that everyone's needs, especially in the work force, because in almost all high-paying jobs, some form of public speaking is required to be submitted to the Board, the presentation of The Group sales, told a committee, or simply a group of peers.

According to studies, fear of public speaking is a great fear of death and is presented as the main fear of American adults, with many people experience terrible suffering for it. Fear of public speaking is the most common phobia that has never been diagnosed and while this does not mean that people would rather be dead than speak in public, as some authors would have us believe, serves to illustrate why communication ideas through this medium is often avoided by professionals. However, in a nutshell, one of the most powerful sources of confidence in his ability to speak is to know that you are ready.

Mastering art, public speaking does not necessarily make the world famous, but definitely help you succeed in what you do. So, go right into my quick-start guide. The first step in preparing the speech is to understand the nature of people who "speaks.

Choose your audience is almost as important as choosing your public speaking topic. Be distracted by paying attention to the environment in which to talk and see how it can work for you. So to help you gain more confidence when speaking in public, think of ways to attract an audience.

You can learn to enjoy public speaking and become far more effective to stand before a group of people and deliver a powerful message, especially if you distract yourself by paying attention to the environment in which you speak and see how you can do work for you. By all means use your hands when you talk, but be sure to avoid the problem as pointing gestures.

Knowing your material well will allow you to present your message in a way that preserves the best listener's attention while you can make changes based on the response of listeners. The better you know the material, the more confident you will be at the presentation and a better flow of speech sounds. If you plan your speech and practice your presentation, you can still be nervous, but at least people will listen.

Your message will be more effective if you plan your opening and closing statements and key transitions to the last word. Logically organize your speech with a beginning, middle and end. Pay special attention at the beginning and the end of your speech because they will be what the audience remembers most. Practice your speech carefully, as many times as you need until you feel your presentation flow and become a natural, you feel comfortable without working your notes and you can fill the floor over time limit.

Public speaking is an art, a skill that can be learned. Is an important element of effective communication that may be beneficial in many ways. One of the most powerful attributes to be credible, and that comes from his knowledge and enthusiasm for the material. When you understand that you no longer have to fear the word to make public, or if you wish you were dead!

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