Sunday, October 16, 2011

Anxiety About Public Speaking - Public Speaking Training

Do you have a difference of belonging to one of the biggest clubs in the world? Registration is millions. From the street corners of classrooms, pulpits, the presidential office and then, the fear of the International Public Speaking Club members represent all professions and walks of life, living in 245 countries, and "community", talking about 6500 languages ??and span the world. Fear of public speaking is universal, but it is estimated that on average each day, says 2000 words, so that, with few exceptions, we are all knit speaker.

Why then speak publicly about this problem?

It is not. Your self-doubt is the problem.

But if public speaking is not the problem, why we have created these questions?

Because you speak in public honors, you singles, you put on a pedestal, and is an unusual situation where everyone is focused on you - but it is still not the problem.

In the formation of public speaking players in our Broadway actor-educators often asked this question of people's experience of anxiety about public speaking: "When you imagine giving a speech, what are your thoughts?"

Here are some answers:

Why would anyone want to hear what I have to say?

Who am I to stand before a group of people and tell them something about something?

I'm not qualified to speak on this subject. I am not an expert.

I feel like an impostor. I introduce myself as something I did not.

I pulled the wool over everyone's eyes. I made them think I'm amazing.

Wait until you see what they really are.

I will be exposed.

Everyone will know that I am uninteresting.

Everyone will see that I have no personality.

Everyone will notice that I have nothing important to say.

All these comments express their feelings of inadequacy and lack of confidence. This is a problem that must be addressed if you have to overcome anxiety about public speaking.

Begin by saying: "Is not it strange that everyone feels like me? Not everything can be insufficient." Exactly!

Then, addressing his own doubts.

Ask yourself the same question to our actor-educators would be: "When I imagine a speech are my thoughts?"

Listen to the answer of your mind gives you. If no immediate response a hot drink or distract you in another way, take a walk, go see a movie and then I'll ask again. Continue until you receive a clear answer. And accept the answer, oddly enough.

I will choose one example: "I'm not worth that much."

Realize this is absurd. You are not worthless, but makes the mistake of thinking that you are.

Why on earth would be useless, or in any way can the simple act of getting up in front of people and made some of the sights?

As a human being, you have all the powers necessary to be naturally good public speaker. You shall not want. You are complete. You are excellent. You are worthy, and what you have to say is interesting.

This is the way to reason with you compare each of their own doubts. If you do it with seriousness and consistency, which will be a success.

Finally, it removes negative thoughts about yourself from your thoughts on public speaking. This is going to die of hunger and reduce your fear of public speaking. Turn as you would for a child and say, "These thoughts have nothing to do with reality. These thoughts have nothing to do with my abilities as a speaker. These thoughts are unhealthy, ridiculous and get in the way that I do something I was born to do it well. I'm crazy to feel so inadequate. I have to convince me out of this madness. "This kind of dialogue will be funny when you know how it can be useful.

His oratory is not the problem. His doubts about themselves, so when you work in reducing the anxiety of public speaking that's where your focus should be.

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