Friday, October 14, 2011

A Public Speaking Nightmare

Recently I attended an introductory presentation by an officer of major radio in Toronto. May seem quite interesting, but what happened at the event may make you think about how honed your public speaking are really!

It all started innocently enough when a representative of the host organization rose to present the address. What happened next can be described as a complete collapse of public speaking and humiliating nightmare.

After taking the stage and nervously by standing behind the podium, she immediately launched into a litany 20 minutes about herself, her eccentric mother, nine rooms in his house, his alcoholic father, his trip to Boston, he moved New York, etc.. And when she leaned her elbows on the podium, she held firmly to his face two gooseneck microphones. (I know you can imagine in your head!) And while this looked obviously inappropriate it never had time to mention the keynote speaker.

With growing frustration, began the chairs around the room to change, people began to moan, and people began to give hand signals to hurry up and get off the stage. But despite all the warning lights, it just kept going. Then it happened. She was heckled by the audience! "Get off the stage crying out loud, let the speaker is talking about!" they said. "Enough!" said another. And it was not any audience! This was an audience of professionals leading the well-to-do make money.

Not only did he never even get to the point, but, but has utterly failed in his duty and the honor of presenting the keynote speaker. After realizing the error of his profession (due to strong heckling from the audience), he politely said: "Well, it seems that I ran out of time." Although he tried to regain her composure, she timidly began to read the guest of honor at a power of attorney from the page, monotone voice as he read the names in the phonebook.

I can honestly say it was really painful to be that the public and look at a complete and total self-destruction! The whole room was not only uncomfortable, but some audience members were clearly angry! This is just one of many possible examples of public speaking mishaps that I've seen on a regular basis.

Other common errors are to speak in public ...

o When the speaker fails to build confidence in his / her audience

o When the speaker is trying tricks or jokes that interfere with their message

o When the speaker does not effectively communicate their message and / or product / service benefits

o When the speaker to set the audience to sleep

o When the speaker fails to close all the public, focusing all his attention on a single Member State (or members of the target) the public

Have you ever heard of an ineffective political speeches or pitches, or business leaders, and colleagues? It was a Garner or lose the trust of confidence? Have you ever felt sorry speeches at a wedding that made you say, "Yikes"? Have you ever attended a seminar where you have been filled with so many statistics that were bored after ten minutes? Have you ever seen an extraordinary seminar and wish you could do the same?

You may be interested to know that public speaking is an art that can be taught. In fact, anyone can learn the basics of winning and a successful model for presentation. Learn public speaking can be fun and rewarding experience that gives you the power to any boardroom or a public presentation. You can give the necessary security to achieve greater success you want! Just learn the secrets of powerful speakers, you can affect change both their great professional and personal life! Avoid the pitfalls of professional misconduct and the public all. Public Speaking Training is not only a great investment in your career, is a good investment in life, will reward you over and over again.

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