Saturday, October 15, 2011

Ten Strategic Tips On How to Overcome Public Speaking Fears

When it comes to public speaking, do you think you are happy or shelter? Do you accept each chance presented or that a long list of reasons to be excused from the task? If your answer is no to these questions, it is important that you read that public speaking has some very positive growth opportunities for you and there are things you can do to overcome your fears of public speaking.

What can you do if you are afraid of public speaking? Here are ten (10) strategic advice to overcome this fear and make public speaking easy.

# 1: Develop a game plan for your public speaking task. Decide what you want to achieve positive results. View a slide show of success.

# 2: Feel the room where the talks. Exploring the physical properties, Mike, seats, staff, etc.

# 3: Make sure you are excited and focused on his statement to enter the room. Deep breathing can help calm nervousness.

# 4: Develop an attitude that your speech is a "conversation with the public", which makes it more personal.

# 5: Avoid standing on the podium, talking as it reduces the public. Side stand or walk in the room of the podium or stage, when you speak.

# 6: Make sure you know your audience through research, that will be there as he prepares for his appearance in public discourse.

# 7: Get in direct contact with the eye of the public. Again, this increases the "contact" with the public.

# 8: welcome questions and if you do not know the answer to a question, admit it and not try to fake an answer. Do not know the answer to be given the opportunity to negotiate with others, and then come back later in response to your audience.

9: Learning by doing. Use public speaking opportunities to improve your performance by accepting public lectures. The extra experience will help build your confidence.

# 10: Working with a coach to improve your public speaking skills.

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