Thursday, October 13, 2011

To Overcome Fear of Public Speaking, You need to Understand the Underlying Causes

To overcome fear of public speaking, you must understand the underlying causes.

Once you identify the causes that underlie discourses your nerves and fear, you can choose the strategies needed to build self-confidence, fear, and successfully use.

Most people suffer from some of the fear of public speaking. The study identified as American's number one fear was accurate then and remains today. But the causes of this fear can vary from person to person.

One of the most important steps to overcome fear of public speaking is to identify things in your life that have created fear and select strategies regarding the causes, and that to conquer fear, you can use to improve performance and speeches, not to destroy them.

So let's list some of the factors underlying the fear of public speaking and seeing that apply to you.

1. First on the list is the fact that fear of public speaking can be hereditary. I do not know if there is a genetic cause for this, but I know if you saw your parents or a family member to speak or perform confidently in public, then you probably see it as a thing you can do it too. But if you see the fear and loathing of public speaking, then it is likely to adopt it as part of their culture.

2. Another factor is how the brain works. It may be that the brain does not work in a way that builds trust. It 'possible that the neurotransmitters of the brain that allow you to transfer information does not work as expected.

3rd Previous experience may affect our confidence in any situation. Banter of any kind can destroy trust, and if it was associated with speaking in public so no chance of future trust in public discourse, will be overwritten. The criticism expressed without thinking can do the same. A teacher, peer or parent can destroy trust with thoughtless negative comments.

4. Beliefs. Many people fear public speaking is based on the belief that they are always responsible for creating a positive impression ... and its corollary that if you do not create that wonderful feeling and then created a disaster. His family, peers and employees, not to mention the media can contribute to this expectation of any situation. So if you feel the unrealistic demands in terms of the need to create a great impression, and what you do in public, full of anxiety.

5. Why are people afraid of speaking in public, they then made to avoid it. Filled to prevent any possibility, or rather than a positive expectation, or try to be confident in the basis of development. And then it becomes a way to avoid - self-perpetuating.

So ... has none of these scenarios strike a chord with you and your experiences? Did you recognize any of them acting in your life? It is even possible that many of these factors is present at the creation of their fear of public speaking. Rest assured, however, that for all the world, there are strategies that can be used to overcome it. Use in combination with other processes and has a solid guarantee for the development of confidence and public speaking skills.

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